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The Veil of Gloom & Doom

“There they are, in great terror, where there is no terror!” Psalm 53:5


Living with burdens

Do the words of this verse sound familiar? This is true for many people. Danger lies within those who feel the burden of terror, gloom and doom. If the burden was a real threat that would be different. I am talking, however, of believing you are genuinely under a permanent gray cloud.  Negativity is detrimental! Recognize the ensuing damage to your life and relationships.

Be an overcomer!

The veil of gloom and doom can temporarily wash over you, but see it and address it before becoming veiled in deeper more damaging ways, such as oppression and depression.

Negative thinking can be overcome, especially with the power of God acting on your behalf.”

The unveiling

In a moment of contemplation, present this veil to the Lord. Ask God to remove the veil of negativity and despair. Move into the fullness of life and hope in Christ Jesus. Spend time giving praise to God. Let rivers of praise come from your lips, with thanksgiving. Commit yourself to thinking, living and responding to life with a positive outlook and a heart full of praise.

How has the veil of gloom and doom affected you? Share your comments below.

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