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The Veil of Freedom

“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” 2 Corinthians 3:17


Freedom in Christ

Freedom can be deceiving. You find yourself veiled by perceived freedoms, when in reality you are bound by obligation and fear. You may think you are free but genuine freedom is in Christ and in fulfilling the purposes He has determined for you.

Bound by false freedom

You are free to visit many places. You are free to buy whatever your money or credit will allow. You are free to love and marry whomever you choose. You are free to do whatever job you desire.

Yet, how many people are veiled by perceived freedoms and are still bound by situations, circumstances, debt, obligations and responsibility?

Zach and I were committed to moving overseas but until the last bill was paid we were not free to go. We were trapped. When we cleared all our debts, we were free.

Finding freedom

Feeling free and being free are very different. Ask God to unveil you from any perceived freedoms and to show you where you may be bound. May He remove the veil of perceived freedom and lead you into full freedom.

The unveiling

You can be free. Freedom is found in Christ. In Christ you are free from sin and gain freedom from bondage. By reading Scripture you discover inward freedom. He gives freedom as you live according to His plan. Free up your schedule, debts and everything else restraining you from fully following Him. Seek God and be unveiled of any perceived freedom.

How has the veil of freedom affected you? Share your comments below.

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