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Naming Jesus

Everyone bears titles and names. Most people have a first name, middle name, and last name. I bear additional titles: minister, principal, educator, writer, husband, father, son, and brother, among others. Of all the titles and names, follower of … [Read more]

Follow Me

Online is a comical picture of Jesus sitting on a park bench talking with a young man. The caption reads, "No, I'm not talking about Twitter. I literally want you to follow me." Are you simply skimming the words of Jesus, like a twitter feed, or … [Read more]

Come & See

The first invitation of Jesus is “Come and see”. Come and see that He is good. Like a treasure hidden in a field or a pearl of great price, He’s worth everything. “The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure that a man discovered hidden in a field. In … [Read more]

New Beginnings

As a child my family started each day reading and discussing the Bible together. My dad read a Scripture passage and we all took turns praying. During one prayer time, I asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior, to save me from my sins and lead my life. … [Read more]

Building Roads

During college I came home each summer to find work. One year I was hired by the city public works department. One job involved repairing roads. The crew left early in the morning and looked for streets needing patch-work. We were especially busy … [Read more]

The Grace of God

Roof shingles make great frisbees, or so I thought as a child. While walking through our neighborhood with a friend, I saw one laying on the road, picked it up and gave it a good throw. It flew well but unfortunately wound up hitting a window, … [Read more]

Child of God

God took on human form. Amazing! He lived among His creation a common man, yet people would have nothing to do with him? Astounding! An opportunity to experience His divine nature is given and people decide to remain in darkness. Are you living in … [Read more]

Reflecting the Light

C.S. Lewis, in The Weight of Glory, writes about the kinds of people we interact with daily, "a society of possible gods and goddesses." He encourages followers of Christ to live in such a way that people move in the right direction and wind up in … [Read more]

Life in the Word

The more I purpose myself to live devoted to Jesus, the more abundantly I live. As I allow my thoughts and desires to align with His, the more I experience life to the fullest. Are you willing to let go and pursue an abundant life in Jesus? John … [Read more]

John’s Gospel

As a child I remember new believers being instructed at church to read John's gospel. Copies of his gospel are available for distribution, separate from the Bible. The reason? John's gospel is simple to read and clear in purpose. Simple and … [Read more]