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Exalting Jesus

We live in a world that pushes the pursuit of greatness. Everyone is to take all of their ability and skill and maximize their potential. Become glorious-- wealthy, healthy and wise. Be capable, competent, strong, secure, and independent. It often … [Read more]

God is Love

One of the most famous verses in the Bible is John 3:16, sometimes displayed at football games, on vehicle stickers and roadway signs. The verse contains the message of God's love, Jesus coming, and eternal life. The verses that follow disclose the … [Read more]

Made New in Christ

While serving as School Administrator of an International school in Sudan, I had opportunity to work with people of various backgrounds. One of the Arabic teachers made the decision to follow Jesus while I was there. A person who daily came dressed … [Read more]

Confidence in Christ

Many people find their identity in family, work, religion, hobbies, sports or recreation. This reminds me of Jesus' teaching on house building in Matthew 7:24-27. If someone's identity is built upon temporal things, they build on faulty foundations. … [Read more]

Missing God

Jews have been waiting for a Messiah for thousands of years. Jesus’ messiahship was regularly challenged. Many Jews formulated their own concept of what the Messiah should do and missed the One reconciling man to God and inaugurating His … [Read more]

Kingdom Access

The story of the prodigal son is interesting. The brother became angry at his brother's celebrated return. Had he not been in the field at the time, would he have guarded the doorway to the house? Are you joyfully welcoming others into the Kingdom of … [Read more]

Abundant Life

As parents of three kids, one of the messages we try to help our children understand is that they hold the ability to ruin their own fun. If they are unwilling to follow instructions when we go to a fun place then we have to leave and the fun is … [Read more]

The First Noel

What was it really like that first Christmas? A small middle-eastern town was packed with people on account of a mandatory census. Shepherds were keeping watch over their sheep throughout a cool night. People were unaware of the eternal implications … [Read more]

A King in Disguise

Why did Jesus come in such a humble manner? Why was it necessary for the divine to come to earth? An advent parable, A King in Disguise, written by Soren Kierkegaard (modified) gives us some insight: “Once upon a time, there was a prince … [Read more]

Emanuel, God with Us

As we get into the holiday season, we naturally reflect on the birth of Christ. The next two weeks will focus on Emanuel, God with us. From my own “Harmony of the Gospels,” here is a narrative of the coming of Christ from John, Luke, and … [Read more]